Mods--I realize this thread may be entirely inappropriate, so of course you'll remove it if you see fit.

I feel compelled to comment on the political commentary I see sneaking into so many posts. It's one thing to state the facts as they pertain to this case or the Constitution, but I find the addition of snide remarks regarding one political party or the other, or negative comments about "other" people's ways of thinking or their political views, to be totally off-putting. I'm exposing myself when I say that I too have very strong political views--that apparently conflict with many of those who post here. But in this forum, I think we should be transcending that which seperates us, by the unity of sleuthing. I joined this group because from most of what I was reading here I saw brilliant clever warm people. I am aware that we are all coming from unique places--physically, emotionally, psychologically, and politically, and that is the beauty of forums like this--the diversity of ideas that spring forth. But it is my understanding that this is NOT a political forum--and frankly, even if it were, I would hope that we would be discussing politics without having to attack each other personally.