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    Ping Map for July 7, 2008 - Discuss that day only

    Ping Map for July 7, 2008 - Discuss that day only

    I have requested this thread because the information of that day's event's are getting scattered throughout the pings thread and is making it difficult to keep up with the information

    Warning - Please discuss that days events only here.

    Ping Map for July 7, 2008

    Georgia PI

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    From The Calendar

    July 5-8 Amy did not see Casey from the time she left her place on the 5th until the morning of the 8th going to the airport
    Page 1052 Lines 24-25 Amy H. Interview with LE on 7/23/2008
    Ricardo spends time in Boston (RM interview, p. 21, line 17 through p. 22, line 7)
    KC and AH Text Messages 7/7/08

    First initials are who received the text message; second initials are who sent the text message

    KC AH Oh, Will gave me your poster from Ikea to give you.

    AH KC 07/07 8:11 AM Sorry I didn’t text you back! I couldn't’t find my phone. Stupid silent settings. Blah. You know Will went back and bought that.. Oh, that boy! Call me later love.

    KC AH It’s all good. He is a sweetheart. And I got an appointment for 3! And for tom I think we need to head to the airport at like 6am. Is that ok?

    AH KC 07/07 8:16 AM Yes ma'am! Works for me. Glad you got your appt. Definitely good. Will is too d**n sweet I swear.

    AH KC 07/07 12:36 PM What time do you work?

    KC AH 5 but I have to try and get out of it cause I have to move my car today or they will tow it.

    KC AH You don’t know if my camera came yet do do?

    AH KC 07/07 2:41 PM My mom said it hasn’t. I'm going to check again later.

    KC AH Okie.

    KC AH So I'm going to do the car towing thing when I'm done at the dr. I'm still waiting but I think I'm next. I'm guessing 430ish.

    AH KC 07/07 3:30 PM Sounds good. I’ll be here.

    KC AH I'm so glad I'm not working! And I can show you the cute swim suit and underwear I got. 85 at Target. Ouch.

    AH KC 07/07 3:33 PM Goodness! Might as well.. right?

    KC AH It was all stuff I needed really. The underwear and suit alone were 50. Add sunblock and good soap and you are almost there. Now I have on a paper shirt.

    AH KC 07/07 3:45 PM Ha ha I hate those! That’s all useful stuff though. They have great underwear and bathing suits. I just got underwear on Thursday with Melissa.

    KC AH I needed it badly. I still have some from high school

    AH KC 07/07 3:48 PM Nice! I think I do too sadly.
    They are find 'til there are holes. Even then . . .

    AH KC 07/07 3:50 PM Ha ha agreed.

    KC AH Hey, is there any way to get Ric’s money by tom?

    KC AH He asked so I passed it on.

    AH KC 07/07 9:44 PM I’ll check my account. Good call.

    KC AH He also knows we talk a lot.

    AH KC 07/07 9:56 PM I appreciate it. I really wish he could talk to me himself though. It is what it is.
    According to LE's interview with WW, WW received a text message from KC as follows:

    07/07/08 at 8:29 am
    "You're really the sweetest guy I ever met."
    July 7 Will phone showed that Casey text him at 8:29AM ‘You’re the sweetest guy I ever met”
    Page 1413 Lines 23-24 William W. Interview with LE on 7/30/ 2008
    Casey was seen hanging out with Sean D. and Iassen D. at Buffalo Wild Wings, by Chris S. who was with a date. Caylee was not present.
    Casey is driving Tony's SUV (Interview with M.C. pg 2-6)
    Stultz at BWWings with GF and runs into Casey and her group of friends

    Document Page 7/687 Lines 14, Document Page 15/ Lines 4-5
    July 7th: Saw Casey him at Buffalo Wild Wings he was with a girl. Casey was there with Sean D. and Iassen.
    July 2 Ricardo in Boston
    Page 1300 Lines 17-24 Ricardo M. Interview with LE on 7/25/2008
    KC's Receipts (Provided by LA)

    July 7:

    Target (Univ, Gold) @ 5:16 pm cash $4.18
    Waterford "Hancock" @ 8:00 pm $8.00

    Per the Matthew C interview: Casey met him for lunch at subway near goldenrod and university. She stated TonE was out of town (lie). She stated Caylee was at a playdate in Sanford and she was picking her up later on that afternoon. Matthew C. has debit card receipts to verify the day and time.
    Georgia PI

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    We know that Casey bought a ticket for herself to "Hancock" at Waterford Lakes 20 movie theatre. The same celltowers pinged for her this night as the night of June 28th when she went to Waterford Lakes for another movie. It would appear that the further tower (5 miles away) does in fact ping the movie theatre.

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    I guess based on Casey's statement on July 16 that she reported her Blackjack phone stolen "9 days ago," this day (July 7) would have been the date she lost the Blackjack (which I think did exist based on her stealing $350+ to pay for it).

    Interesting that she has no outgoing activity on the phone for 14 hours (July 6 around 6 pm until July 7 around 8 am) and then the first thing she does is send a text to Amy saying she misplaced her phone and missed Amy's texts.

    Is it just a coincidence that 9 days later she happened to pick a date for "the day I lost my Blackjack" that actually was a day she lost her phone? I'm still thinking this one through....

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