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    CA - John McGraham, 55, homeless, burned alive, Los Angeles, 9 Oct 2008


    This is so sad; i hope the find the sick POS that did this to him!

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    If you read the articles linked to the one above; it gives background on this man; he was an angel among us..

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    Native Oregonian now in Chicago
    This story made me sick. So cruel, heartless, pointless, amazing lack of compassion in this world. I am happy to see he did have family and friends and was loved.

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    I cannot comprehend such cruelty, I can't even fathom how someone could find it in themselves to do that to another human being.

    That poor man, I hope he has found peace that he couldn't find in life.

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    He was only a few years older than me and sounds like a kindly old soul. I am so sick of reading about this demented and pointless violence against harmless human beings.

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    I've been following this through the LA Times. This crime broke my heart. And it's clear it devistated many from the area. I pray for John, his family and that the person responsible is brought to justice.

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    LWOP for murder of John Robert McGraham

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