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    AZ - Cases from 19th Century

    {reference only}
    From Website http://library.nau.edu/speccoll/inde...87_framed.html
    under murder: unknown Mexican found near Florence Ariz {Sept 3,1887}
    From Website http://library.nau.edu/speccoll/inde...89_framed.html
    Under accidents: last line-
    * unknown man found near Fort Huachua {June 1, 1889 report}
    from Website http://library.nau.edu/speccoll/inde...89_framed.html
    Under murder: fifth line-
    *sheepman named Brown disappeared coming home from dip with money and provisions {August 10, 1889}
    From website http://library.nau.edu/speccoll/inde...92_framed.html
    under accidents: dead man {burned} near Tempe {January 7, 1892}
    From website http://library.nau.edu/speccoll/inde...94_framed.html
    under Murder: unknown man found near Yuma {murder?} {August 9, 1894}

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    Question 1887 Arizona Missing person

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    1887 Wells Spicer vanished

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