WHITEFISH BAY, Wis. (AP) — Burglars beware: a bathroom break on the job can get you busted.
That's how Otha Smith got caught.

Dewey Coulson went to the bathroom in the middle of the night, only to find an intruder using the toilet.

"When I turned the corner ... I saw the light was on, and I thought someone had just left it on so I opened the door, and there was this guy sitting on the toilet," said Coulson, 19. "So I said, 'What are you doing in my house?' And he said, 'I just had to use the bathroom.'"

Coulson ran upstairs to get his stepfather, and when they returned they saw the man trying to leave.

"He was walking really slowly, and then he saw us, and he started running toward these doors and he grabbed the handle and my stepdad and I closed on him," Coulson said.

He and stepfather Dave End wrestled with the man to subdue him until police arrived.

Coulson's mother, Cathy End, said the intruder likely wasn't in the house long before heading to the bathroom.