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    IL - Edwin 'Eddie' Gulbransen, 11, Oak Forest, 26 June 1980

    This is just sick. This poor family, all these years they believed this guy just killed their child by accident and tried to cover it up. Now it's kidnap, sexual assault and murder.


    MARKHAM, Ill. - A convicted sex offender faces first-degree murder charges in a 1980 hit-and-run that killed an 11-year-old boy.

    Ronald Rice claimed at the time that he accidentally struck Edwin Gulbransen in June 1980 as the boy rode his bicycle in the Chicago suburb of Oak Forest.

    But Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart said Wednesday that investigators now believe Rice allegedly intentionally hit the boy, then took him to a forest preserve, where he sexually assaulted and killed him.


    For 28 years, Bette Kociolek believed that her 11-year-old son died in an accident when a car struck him as he rode his bike.

    But Wednesday, Cook County authorities said the driver who had expressed remorse in 1980had in fact purposely hit Kociolek's son, kidnapped and sexually assaulted him, then strangled and stomped the boy to death.

    In a brief interview at her Tinley Park home, Kociolek said the disclosure had ripped open an old wound, leaving her overcome with emotion.

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    OMG....this evil, sick, horrible piece of *****......I hope he suffers every day of his miserable, pathetic life. Seriously, if this "man" was in front of me, I would gladly snuff him out, for the betterment of the world, without a second thought.

    Can't imagine what Eddie's poor mother is going through....I mean, MY anger over reading this story is overwhelming----I am seething....I can't even imagine the way SHE feels. Bless her, for her heartache must be immeasurable.

    May this sorry excuse for a human suffer for the rest of his days, and then burn forever in the fiery pits of hell.

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    This is just heartbreaking. I can not even imagine what the victims family must be feeling right now
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    Am I so insignificant...? Isn't something missing?
    Isn't someone missing me?
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    This POS is pure evil. To plan to hit a child on their bicycle, fein helping them by getting them into the vehicle and then doing something like this.

    I wonder if an autopsy was done on the boy. Wouldn't they be able to tell that the cause of death wasn't consistent with being hit by a bicycle? Maybe if they had then the second little boy might have been spared.

    I can't think of a death horrible enough for this man.

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    It's absolutely ridiculous if this is true and this horrible man was able to con his way out of a premeditated pedophile murder. An autopsy should have been done and not just take personal opinions and thinking what something looks like is actually what it is.

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    I hope the POS gets the death penalty; the poor family reopening of their wounds and all.. =(

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    From August 2010:


    Rice, 56, pleaded guilty Wednesday to Eddie's 1980 murder and was sentenced to 80 years in prison as Kociolek and about a dozen of her relatives looked on...

    In 1980, Rice told police he accidentally struck and killed Eddie, a Boy Scout, with his red Camaro, then panicked and dumped the boy's body in a forest preserve. Rice was sentenced to six months in jail for leaving the scene of an accident and hiding the body...

    But within four years of Eddie's death, Rice began serving a 60-year prison sentence for kidnapping and sexually assaulting an 11-year-old boy at knifepoint in Calumet City.

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