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    A scavenger hunt unlike others

    University of Chicago's 'Scav Hunt' reflects 'twisted imagination'

    CHICAGO, Illinois (Reuters) -- Bring in a "McDonald's Sad Meal," find a graduate thesis written on napkins or build a log cabin blindfolded.

    Welcome to what's billed as the world's largest scavenger hunt, under way Friday at the University of Chicago.

    The hunt's targets are not old sets of keys or stray clothespins on the wanted list when children play the game going door-to-door. These items are food for the twisted student imagination on a campus known more for Nobel Prizes than spring foolishness.

    Now in its 18th year, "Scav Hunt" began at midnight Thursday with the unveiling of a 282-item list, each one worth a number of points, which teams of students seek to complete by Sunday when the game ends.

    Some of this year's challenges: Build a "Calvin Kleinometer"; produce "a McDonald's Sad Meal"; construct a diorama tribute to dioramas with no infinite regressions; replicate Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss" using only lip prints made with cosmetics that haven't been tested on animals; and "demonstrate conclusively that there really is a wrong way to eat a Reese's (candy)."

    The list has a handful of items that can be completed only from New Jersey, prompting several teams to send devoted members on the 1,000-mile road trip.


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    Oh, Man, I can show them the wrong way to eat a Reese's....
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