Mooresville -- Despite blurring vision and problems with his leg -- signs of a possible stroke -- a 74-year-old Mooresville man demanded to vote in Tuesday's primary before going to the hospital.

"His wife got out of a car and said her husband had a stroke that morning but wanted to vote," said Patricia Eckstein, who has worked the polls since 1964.

"So many people don't take the time to vote and could care less, and here was this guy who wanted to vote before he dies. We were all in tears," she said.

It started earlier Tuesday. Laurel Scott, who lives outside Mooresville, was having a problem with his left leg and couldn't see very well. His speech was slurred, his wife said.

She thought her husband was having a stroke. She called her doctor, who told her to take her husband to St. Vincent Hospital. She and her daughter, Sinda Feagan, 52, put him in the car. But first, he wanted to go to the polling place at Monrovia Christian Church, 710 Gordon Road.