NEW YORK (Reuters) - Massachusetts' tax delinquents, who owe the state a total of $140 million, gained some unwanted visibility after the state started posting their names on its Web site, a Department of Revenue spokesman said on Thursday.

The state started posting the names of 1,481 individuals and businesses who owe $25,000 or more on Wednesday after notices were sent to the scofflaws nine months ago.

The state initially told them they had six months to respond. Those who failed to contact the state were sent a second notice telling them they had 90 days to pay up or their names and debt would be publicized, said spokesman Tim Connolly.

The warning brought in about $1.5 million from about 300 people, he said.

In the past the state has published names of tax delinquents in newspapers, but the procedure was cumbersome and time-consuming, he said.