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    Crime mime....or killer?

    Just curious to see what experienced sleuthers have to say about this Yahoo answer.

    "Jerry" may or may not be a killer. Is there something in the way he worded his answer that would cause you to lean towards yes? Or no?

    How is a Serial Killer made? Why do they kill? What makes them tick?


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    That was a disgusting read and yes it has been reported as abuse to yahoo. I would say it's a really sick individual who would post something like that. LE needs to look into the person and their background.

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    I should hope he just fancies himself as a creative writer. Eek.

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    Thumbs down

    Ooooooh, that is sick!!! But, even if he is not a killer yet, he certainly has all the potential to be one with that kind of thinking. It made me shiver. I couldn't even finish reading it.

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    Her reply to him was disturbing as well.

    "I like how you think, thanks for answering and letting me know all your opinions. I would like to hear more from you. If you don't mind sometime e-mailing or talking on Yahoo Instant Messenger, I would love to talk more about these "killings" of yours. Thanks again, that was umm, very interesting."

    It is scary, sick and sad.

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