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    Coyote Love

    This site was featured in this week's People magazine. I've been following it since it started.

    Charlie the coyote came into Shreve Stockton's life when he was 10 days old. He lives with Shreve, a tomcat and a hound in Wyoming.

    I am in LOVE with Charlie...


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    I honestly feared for a bad ending for Charlie. He did chomp down on his owner's hand when he was a teenage coyote.

    Nowadays though, he is housebroken, can turn on a faucet with his teeth and loves belly rubs.

    The pictures of Charlie and Eli the cat are adorable.

    Pics and the complete article are on page 85 of this week's People.

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    I checked out the site.
    I have a stray that several people have asked if she is coyote, now I can see the some of the same characteristics however I think my Honey is just a mutt!
    I need to check this thread daily, I love good news and will be getting people magazines.

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    He is just beautiful!

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    That is so cute! If they're raised from birth they'll be fine; same goes for wolves.

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