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    Has Caylee's loss become a moneymaker for George & Cindy?

    I absolutely do not know the answer to this question, but there are certain things that have bothered me all along - beginning with Lee wanting to have people make contributions directly to his private Paypal account.

    Then last week there was something about George supposedly checking out spots to park his SUV to set up for selling T-shirts.

    And now on another thread someone mentioned that Cindy was sporting a "Find Caylee" purse when they "visited" the Blanchard Park search site and raised a rucus.

    Are the Anthony's getting direct donations on their Caylee website? Is the Kidfinders organization getting donations based on this case?

    I know that Americans are generous. I just wonder how generous to the Anthonys?

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    Considering there are NO searches generated from the Anthony's (none that I have heard or read about), I consider their money grubbing a scam. Just because they sit in their living room and consider "tips" from their PI who has said he is not charging them for his services (from his statement), I don't consider that any kind of search that needs money to fuel it.

    They are just trying to look like they are doing something besides Cindy bullying people around.

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    yes yes and yes

    I have said again and again this is why they do not want Caylee found no more free lunch. Maybe you have not noticed but when they hired MN and the spokes person it was said any more news interviews were to be paid for. Have you not heard how much 20/20 paid for the pics appprox 200 thousand.And CA has been sporting that Caylee purse for a long time now.The way I see it if Caylee is found there will be no more free money.jmo

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    CAYLEE SHOULD NOT BE A CASH COW FOR THE ANTHONYS. Cindy needs to go back to work and they need to support themselves and stop using funds to find Caylee to support themselves. Where has all the money from their jars gone to? They charge for t-shirts? They are the only people I have ever heard of who do that. Most people donate the shirts to people just to get the free advertising from them. Given the lack of Caylee posters I have seen on poles and in businesses in Orlando, I have to wonder if they also charge for flyers. moo
    I have a constitutional right to my opinion and I am stating it!!!!!

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    As has been discussed and posted many times..we are not going down this road.

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