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    Body of obsessed fan found near Paula Abduls Home

    Apparently there had been issues with this woman before stalking Abdul. LE is speculating it is a suicide.

    Paula's nice and all but I really have a hard time understanding the obsession here but I guess that is part of the disorder.
    Obsessed with Brad Pitt.....that I can understand a little better.

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    It's awful someone comitted suicide, but better the stalker than Paula be hurt or killed, and at least she won't have to worry about this one getting to her.

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    I just saw this on the news. Paula gave a statement saying basically she sent her condolences to the family. I thought that was a really nice thing to say, especially since she had problems with this lady before.

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    sooo sad You could tell she wasn't right in her audition tape...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrsG728 View Post
    sooo sad You could tell she wasn't right in her audition tape...

    I agree MrsG, this is incredibly sad. Apparently she had some serious issues, beyond a bad audition. My prayers go out to her and her family.
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