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    Grab a Tissue...and Turn on Your Speakers

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    That is so heartbreaking about his little twin boys. What sorrows we as men must endure are incomprehensible aren't they?

    ABC provided $200,000.00 to
    Casey Anthonys defense!
    The MURDERED should not be USED to pay for the MURDERERS DEFENSE!

    American Tragedy: The defense of Casey Anthony.

    Juror No. 11 somehow made the journey from Casey is the one on trial to George may be a murderer, based on how George acted on the stand? 3 years of evidence against Casey and he throws George under the bus. Makes sense?
    What evidence indicated that George might be a murderer? Anyone?
    Weren't they to ONLY consider EVIDENCE?
    This NOT GUILTY verdict throws Caylee right back into the swamp she decomposed in. Thanks to this "impartial" jury.

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    Richard is such a wonderful, kind hearted man. I feel so sorrowful about his boys. Makes me count my blessings for my two beautiful daughters that much more!
    Monster; noun: any animal or human grotesquely deviating from the normal shape, behavior or character, someone who excites horror by wickedness or cruelty. see; Casey Anthony

    *Justice for C.M.A*

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    Quote Originally Posted by imnotheonlyone View Post
    Youre right.......

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    Wow....that was heart wrenching and beautiful at the same time. Thanks for sharing it!
    My Mom told me (and showed me) that "Parent is a verb, not a noun" ~ thanks Mom

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    I watched this and did not cry.... It was uplifting and re-inforced my feelings this whole SAGA is bigger than Caylee and the A's. It is a testimony that we need to continue looking at the bright side of life and once we allow forgiveness in out heart in our daily lives we all can be better individuals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by imnotheonlyone View Post
    So sad...

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    Well, I can not tell a lie i cried like a baby. Mostly because hearing those words reminded me of my own lost though. Reading RG blog always inspires me the is such a wonderful man and is able to say things i have heard so many times, but in a way I get it.

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    My husband lost a daughter from his previous marriage, she was still born and we visit her grave every year. I almost feel like she is my own. I had two miscarriages and I think of them as my own lost children.

    I look into my only son's sweet face, and try to convey to him how much he is wanted and loved. How hard we worked for and tried for him.

    And then I see careless mothers like KC who don't realize the gift the have. I can't even come up with a word high enough to express the "gift" that children are.

    I think that may be one reason I am so compelled by this case. I am incredulous at the lack of warmth and gratitude for the gift of Caylee.

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    Wow! What an awesome promise of God's love. I was at the prayer vigil Tuesday with Windchimes. RG spoke about how every child is a gift from God. I know in my heart and soul, that our beloved Caylee is in the arms of angels, us waiting for the rest of us to follow her home.

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