A dance student has won an arts prize by undressing in a charity shop window.

Iona Dudley-Ward spent 90 minutes trying on outfits in the window of the Oxfam shop in Brighton town centre.

One passer-by, who failed to appreciate the artistic merits of the 20-year-old's performance, called the police to complain.

But Brighton Arts Festival judges were so impressed with what they saw they awarded her first prize in the window dressing competition, says the Daily Telegraph.

Miss Dudley-Ward said: "I was trying to ignore people passing by, so a lot of them thought I didn't realise I was in the window.

"I had people banging on the window, saying, 'Dear, we can see you'. I just carried on. I was so focused it took the police quite a few attempts before I realised they were there.

"When I told them it was part of the festival they still didn't believe me and said they would ask the manager."