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    Crime (or mostly crime) discussion boards.

    There are quite a few crime discussion boards out there. Below is some information on ones we like that also don't mind us linking to them. If they are listed below don't worry about linking to them in your posts, as we are in contact with the folks that run them and they're OK with it. Each one has something unique to offer, and we encourage you to check them out.

    Bear in mind that each one will have it's own rules, conditions, and style. If you like it, that's great. If not, that's fine too. But we don't run them, so we can't help you with them if you have questions or problems, although we may be able to get you to the right person.

    One thing you won't find at any place we suggest is an atmosphere where the operators allow or encourage attacks on fellow posters or other board members based on differences of opinions or anything like that.

    If you have any suggestions you can go ahead and reply to this post - we'll check them out, and if it's cool we'll make your post visible.
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    A new one that I frequent and love is http://www.crimeseekers.net/. Lots of great posters and chatroom as well.

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