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    AZ-WHERE IS EMILY? Missing Since March 27, 2008

    At request of father I am posting this page here in hopes of help.


    My name is Michael or Mike. I'm 23 and a single father of a beautiful daughter Emily. My daughter was born August 24, 2005. It was the happiest day of my life. Soon after, I took the mother to court to get my rights as a father and as a normal father should do when you are not married or together anymore. It was a long process but I established Parentage and I was the father of Emily. Most of my life was a struggle, I grew up without a father of my own. When I was 16' my mom died right in front of me. So my daughter is nothing more then a blessing to me. She is my entire world and now, the worse has happened. On March 22, 2008' the last day I would ever see my daughter (Not knowing it) I spent time with her, I went to get her a new stroller, a toy and we went out to dinner together. She was so happy to see me (The happiest I have ever seen) It was kind of strange to see her like that, but I didn't think to much of it. When I went to give my daughter a hug and a kiss goodbye, she started crying and said (Don't Go) I told my daughter, Emily I have to' I will see you next week or in a few days (PROMISE) That promise was never made to her. March 24, 2008 I got a blocked phone call saying (You have a letter) waiting for you. So I called my friend Darrell and asked him to pick it up. He called me back about an hour later and read me the letter. I was not concerned, but he didn't read me the main part of it. He just read some of it and i was like..OK, I will be back in Berwym in a few days. March 27, 2008' The day I got back to Berwyn, I retrieved the letter from my friend and when I read it, it said (I am leaving, Maybe one day you can see your daughter again) When I read that, I was heart broken, I didn't know what to do or I should take it seriously. I went to the Berwyn Police department and said in my won words (I want to file a MISSING PERSON report, my daughter is gone.) The police officer refused my request to file the report and said, that he will not file it. I continued to show up at the police department everyday wondering about my daughter's case and asked everyday (I want to file a missing person report, all the time' the officers, detectives, Chief and Commander said (No) I went there one day and waited, the chief of police called my lawyer and told her (If mike does not leave the station, we will arrest him for (Disorderly Conduct) As a parent, your concern goes to your child, I will not let law enforcement to stand in my way of my daughter. September 25, 2008 6 months later the Police finally did what they should have done on March 27, 2008. For their lack of actions, I may never see my daughter again. Emily I will always love you please don't forget about me. Your father.

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    MySpace page says they have been reunited.

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    Quote Originally Posted by imamaze View Post
    MySpace page says they have been reunited.
    It's so good to read happy endings like this!
    Unless I provide a link, every one of my posts are to be considered rumor, Speculation, or simply MY OWN OPINION.

    We are the watchers. We are witnesses. We see what has gone before. We see what happens now, at this dangerous moment in human history. We see what's going to happen - what will surely happen - unless we come together: we - the Peoples of all Nations - to restore peace and harmony and balance to the Earth, our Mother.

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