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    Mystery Piano found in woods.


    I often see free piano ads on craigslist, I wonder of someone brought it into the woods to play. Seems like its good condition and in tune none the less!>

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    That's too funny.... Though you'd think a harmonica would be easier to take on a hike, to each their own, I say.

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    hahaha funny! Maybe someone was planning on shooting a video in the woods.
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    very funny

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    I wonder if the owner maybe saw a recent Mythbusters hehe. On the show, the guys took a piano out into the field to set it on fire, to see if it would explode when the strings got hot enough. The theory was that it'd go -ploing ploing ploing- But it didn't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowangel View Post
    That's too funny.... Though you'd think a harmonica would be easier to take on a hike, to each their own, I say.
    It is not going to be well tunned after a rain.
    If he likes to play music in the forest that is one thing, but .....

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