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    World's first heat-controlled underpants

    A Bosnian man has started selling the world's first "self-ventilating and thermo-regulating underpants" to help fight male sterility.

    Dragan Tadic, 44, from Laktasi in northwest Bosnia and Herzegovina, has been awarded the gold medal at the Councour Lepan inventors' exhibition in Paris.

    He claims they help stop the testicles becoming too warm - potentially leading to male sterility.

    He told Local newspaper Nezavisne Novine: "The underpants have a special 'bag' at the front for the penis and testicles.

    "By adding this bag there is better ventilation and more hygienic conditions because the bag also reduces sweating."

    Tadic, called the underpants Adam's List, says he's already in touch with French businessmen over developing the underpants for even greater commercial production.


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    Where do the batteries go ?

    'England confides that every man will do his duty'".

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