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Yes, those are good points too.
I guess I just never thought of David Batson as a suspect. I guess I just thought he wouldn't have given any info to the cops had he been involved.

There is no way the police would have ever known the couple had been at the KOA Campground had David Batson not contacted them. There was nothing to trace them anywhere without a vehicle or any ID on them.

I do think that LE wants to talk to Mrs. Batson again and I hope they are able to get in touch with her.
Cambria, thanks for the quick reply, correct me if I'm wrong.
I understand that the 'person involved' in the crime, a lot of times, tends to check on the progress of the case and talk to the investigations, keep newspaper clippings, be helpful to the victims families, and even attend the funerals. Some murders/even put flowers on the graves from time to time.

I do feel D. Batson was involved with L. Henry or Lonnie's son in 'some' way. Lonnie definitely KNEW who murdered that couple, from what the Lie detector test indicated, imo..