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    Local disc jockeys who laughed at beheading are fired

    PORTLAND - The radio station KNRK at 94.7 FM is issuing an apology to its listeners after talk show hosts Marconi, Tiny and sidekick Nickie J. laughed at and ridiculed the beheading of American Nick Berg.
    The three were fired Thursday afternoon, after airing the audio recording of Berg's murder repeatedly on Wednesday and laughing at the incident.

    "Disgusting… I'm speechless," said one woman.

    KNRK and Entercom, the company that owns the station, apparently agreed, playing an apology over the airwaves for their listeners:

    The actions of the KNRK News Morning Show were insensitive, inappropriate and repulsive. On behalf of Entercom Portland and KNRK, I apologize to our listeners.

    However, listeners like Blaine Dohman say they are still angry.

    "I'm dismayed and just flabbergasted," said KNRK listener Blaine Dohman. "Number 1, to be put on the air, and two, not be put in check by the powers that be."

    KXL radio talk show host Lars Larson also played the audio over the airwaves, but with a strong warning to his listeners.

    He says the Marconi show's ridiculing of the incident is inexcusable, but thinks Americans should hear and see what happened to Berg, saying images have been shown by the media before and the incident with Berg is no different.


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    Did you see the picture of these guys? They have the perfect faces for radio stardom, that's for sure!

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