Liberty High School in Eldersburg has removed two girls from its junior varsity lacrosse team for the rest of the season and suspended them from classes for three days as a result of a malicious prank the players pulled on their teammates last week.

The girls, whose identities are being withheld, were players as well as water carriers for the team. Before taking to the field at a game last week, they drew 16 ounces of water from a urinal in the boys bathroom and added it to the nearly full 10-gallon jug the team uses for drinking water. The girls delivered the jug to the team's sidelines, where most players typically fill drinking cups during the game.

School officials confirmed yesterday that two female students at the school were involved in the incident, but would not reveal their names or ages.

"We have taken disciplinary actions against the students involved," said Charles I. Ecker, superintendent of Carroll County public schools. "The girls have been permanently removed from the team and are suspended from school for three days."

Concerned about possible health implications stemming from the prank, Liberty's administrators contacted the county Health Department on Thursday. After a brief investigation, health officials said the players are in no danger of contracting disease from the tainted water,5160330.story