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    TX - Twins Shakayla & Makayla Carroll, 18 mos, home alone, die in fire, 10 Dec 2008

    HOUSTON - Identical twin toddlers who may have been left home alone died in a fire at their northeast Houston home early Wednesday, KPRC Local 2 reported.

    Houston firefighters battled flames at a duplex in the 1700 block of Sam Wilson Street near Hershe Street at about midnight.

    Houston police said the mother turned on two stove burners and left the house for a short period of time. She saw smoke coming from the duplex when she returned, investigators said.



    How sad and so preventable.
    Just striving to be average.

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    She turned on the burners and left? That's not very smart. I wonder if it was a gas stove... how terrible.
    Love never fails.

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    How incredibly sad.

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    That is sad. I wonder if the burners were on for heat.

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    Someone in the article said she left them on for heat. That's crazy especially if your going to leave your 2 toddlers home alone with it on so something nearby can catch on fire. I've heard of people leaving stove doors open for heat; leaving the burners on on you stove is crazy!!

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    How sad. I wonder if she couldn't afford heat? I wonder where she went and why they were left alone. If she was going to leave them alone it's to bad she didn't put them in a crib or something contained. Maybe she did though and something else happened with the stove. She will pay a high price for that mistake for the rest of her life. Talk about guilt.

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    From June 2009:


    A mother whose twin daughters perished in an east Houston house fire after she left them alone to buy cigarettes has been sentenced to seven years of deferred adjudication after pleading guilty to criminally negligent homicide.

    LaVera Moore entered the plea Tuesday... If Moore successfully completes her probation, the case will be dismissed.

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