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    Not all about Kaylee

    I followed the Natalie Holloway case closely because "but for the grace of god" I or many of my friends could have ended up in a situation like that not too long ago... even here in the US.

    That's when I 1st heard about TES and was very impressed with the organization. With the Kaylee search, I saw it unfold in chat with him getting involved and putting the parties together to bring him into this case. I've always felt for him in this case because his popularity/reputation served to have him sought out and brought into this high profile case.

    But what you don't see are all the cases that aren't in the media 24/7 that he works on diligently without all the donations and volunteers.

    Because of his past works in the Holloway case, his current works in the Kaylee case, and the MANY others he works just as hard on without the "spotlight", I knew it was the right thing to do in contributing to TES.

    Some were upset when he wasn't 24/7 on Kaylee every day and night... but my thought is, if you are going to donate to a cause, it better be because you FULLY believe in them... not just because they are they flavor of the minute. Even if Kaylee is why you donated originally, know that Tim is the real deal and your donations, if not used in Orlando, will serve some part in helping find a missing person that might not have gotten the media attention this case has gotten.

    My thanks to Tim and TES for all they do... God forbid any of us ever need his services, but thank God there is someone like him here for those who need him.

    Happy Birthday Tim... and THANKS!

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    I haven't posted in ages, but I have to send some love and good birthday wishes to TM, in the midst of all this sadness. God bless him and all the people from TE, for the sad but needed work you do.

    And if that was the reaction of the lovely Casey -- priceless.

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    I love and appreciate Tim. Happy Birthday. I did wonder why he pulled out when he did but you know...everything in God's time and I do believe this was a miracle of God and divine intervention. I don't think the Lord could take the Anthony's telling everyone about Caylee sitings anymore or that she was alive when she was really lying out in that garbage bag. I really feel for the A's tonite. Their charade is up. God bless TM and LP. I like them both even if they don't get along!

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    I hope Tim is doing well healthwise, and I think he did a great job on the search and I am grateful for everything he did.

    I am currently out of town with a family crisis. This is the first chance I have had today to get on here and catch up. Ironically, my daughter, whose birthday is also today, called this morning to give me the head's up on the remains being found, and I thought this was a good birthday for her, as she has been as impacted by Caylee as I have.

    I think TES is great, and because of personal experience, I can't even find the words to express how fantastic I think Tim is for doing what he does. I know the inner strength he must have to be able to do this, and I have nothing but respect for him and his organization.

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    TES had to pay for the ATV? WHAT A DRAG!

    TY Tim for your dedication to finding people and helping families! I am glad you can spend time on other cases now and not on this circus.

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    Okay, reading that today is Tim's birthday, and given the events of today - I just got chills. The hair on my arm started rising and I actually teared up. Makes me think there's something more to the Universe after all...

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    Thank you to Tim, you, and everyone at TES. And Happy Birthday to Tim!

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    Thank you so much for your support of TES! It's a wonderful organization and TM is such a fantastic individual. My heart was breaking for him during the blanchard park debacle and I am happy to see he's not holding a grudge against those that turned on him so quickly. As I posted at the time TM is a man of honor--and his comments just confirm that. I can't believe today is his birthday! A birthday gift from our angel no doubt. Here's to wishing you a fantastic Christmas too Tim and Friday--you both deserve it.

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    Wishing Tim a happy birthday... I hope his health is well on the mend. I have long admired the work him and TES, does... they give so much of themselves and have helped many families. One thing that really stands out with Tim, is his compassion... and to me he truly is a hero.

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    We here in Houston are so proud of Texas Equisearch. Today they helped the police divers find bodies of a couple whose car went inside a man made lake in a Houston Suburb Subdivision.

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    Nice to meet you Friday from Someone far away from you....Thank you for your post, its very helpful
    Happy birthday To Tim Miller from Down Under here in Oz, wishing you a speedy recovery also...

    As soon as I saw the post about a childs body (remains being found) I knew it was Caylee.

    The reaction that Casey gave when hearing the news makes it even more now than ever the horrific fact that she did this on purpose

    I wanted to ask , as I am not familiar with the rains and floods and so on there but as it was high with water in September when the search was on, is there a pattern of flooding and high water areas to seasons ?

    I am just wondering whether whoever actually placed the body there timed it all as to the level of water and did so in the hope that it would remain high until the body totally decomposed thus leaving no trace of evidence (them not knowing about duct tape keeping evidence etc) but them thinking that the water would wash it all off ?

    That they knew it would remain high for some many months

    That perhaps the levels reduced quicker than what they anticipated ?

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    Thank you, Friday. No matter if one agrees or not, we all know, it worked out for the best. And, Happy Birthday, Tim. I hope you're feeling better.
    Hey, Casey...

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    Friday, you have given "pay it forward" a whole new meaning for me. Thank you for all you do. Tim. Happy birthday. You and your whole organization are an inspiration to me and also the supreme example of paying it forward in the best way humanly possible on this planet we call earth.

    I will also follow the TES example and pray for George and Cindy. Tim said it best on his WESH interview that to have to deal with a murdered family member...also at the hands of another family member...is something that most of us on this planet will never have to deal with.

    Thanks again Friday for this thread. Thank you Tim Miller and TES. And thank you to all my websleuth friends who do so much hard work for the missing and the lost.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Friday View Post
    Early this morning, shortly before the media got wind of the possible discovery of Caylee’s body, Tim phoned me to tell me the news, along with the fact that (official’s name withheld by me) said they’re sure it’s Caylee. I replied that everyone at WS was going to be beyond excited when they finally heard all that. Tim replied, “Go ahead and tell them. They deserve to be the first to know.”

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t get on our darned website in time to break the news to you, or to confirm that no matter what LE says publicly, Tim said to tell you, don’t fret—it is Caylee.”

    I just spoke to him again this afternoon, and explained I couldn’t get on WS site in time to give you this morning’s news. He’s going to continue keeping me informed about anything he learns in Orlando so that I can post it here—exclusively for you.

    In the meantime, he said to tell you this: Months ago, TES did attempt to search the area where Caylee’s remains were found even though the area was mostly under water. In fact, he borrowed a special four wheel ATV offered to us by a helpful citizen, which was then driven through what appeared to be shallow water. And sank out of sight!

    As you know, the one risk that trained searchers cannot take is that of damaging or destroying the very evidence they’re trying to recover. Tim said that if the plastic bag found today had been trampled by one of our horses, or run over by the ATV, the bag would have ruptured and the contents exposed and scattered, possibly/probably never to be found. He’s relieved that he called of the search of that area when he did or today’s discovery might never have happened.

    He also said to remind you (half-jokingly) that he was right about at least one other thing: Caylee’s remains were not in the river at Blanchard Park. 

    Oh, and in case you’re wondering about the ATV that was ruined when it sank, we naturally had to pay the owner for it--$10,000.

    That’s all for now. Hopefully I will have other information to give you as the hours pass, and that I’ll be able to access our site when I do.

    Tim sends his gratitude along with this message, and a request that you take just a moment to say a prayer for George and Cindy.

    Hey, if he can forgive them, we certainly should be able to as well. (This comment is mine, not Tim’s.) I’m working on it, but my heart isn’t as open as his, I fear.
    *respectfully snipped*
    Thank you for posting this Friday and for everything you and TES have done and will do. Very happy birthday to Tim. Wow!

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    You're awesome, Friday. Awesome!

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