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    Extending prayers to TonE, Amy, Ricardo and all her victims

    I cannot imagine the emotions they must be going through, facing the reality of what KC did to Caylee, especially the duct tape. For TonE to have been sleeping with her, in such intense vulnerable contact, for Amy to have anticipated moving in with her, for Ricardo, to know that he harbored her during the worst of the worst.

    For every person her ever had an emotional commitment to this monster, and think that she was some sort of fun, giddy party girl. For the Shot Girl at Fusian who considered her an older sister.

    These people's lives are changed forever. I hope that they find counseling, otherwise their future relationships with friends, partners, and family will be compromised forever.

    How can you ever trust anyone again, after having been exposed to KC?

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    I look at it a little differently, I think you will be able to trust again but you might just follow your gut a little closer. I hope for all of their sakes they realize The Murderer has been fooling people for a long time, I can truly say I think you will only meet one monster like this in a lifetime.....I hope this situation makes all of them live life a little more fully, and love a little deeper.
    Sin makes its own hell, and goodness its own heaven. ~Mary Baker Eddy

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