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    CA - Jeffrey Nelson & 2 others for kidnap, torture of 75yo woman, La Mesa, 2008

    This is just another example of out of control teens . Heart wrenching.

    This woman has spirit, though...wants to be out of the hospital and celebrating New Years !

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    Quote Originally Posted by NanaMcZoo View Post
    This is just another example of out of control teens . Heart wrenching.

    This woman has spirit, though...wants to be out of the hospital and celebrating New Years

    Southern Sass On Crime

    'Judge Patricia Cookson set bail at $2 million for each defendant and set a readiness conference for Dec. 23 at the East County Courthouse.' (from url above)

    Hopefully, these creatures cannot post that bail. Couldn't believe what her face looked like....she does have spirit, "She said, 'The things I have to do to get my family together' -- that's her sense of humor," he said." (son)

    Prayers for her healing & safely home for the Holidays.

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    That poor woman! How horrible that these young kids would do such a thing. Ugh!
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    That's disgusting, those teens all 3 of them, need to be locked away for life. If they're going to torture an elderly person like that, then there is never any hope for them.
    Thank God she is okay and has spirit in her!!!

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    Saw the picture of the poor victim and started bawling - how could anyone do such violent things to another human?! I have no words...
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    I just saw this lady interviewed on the Today show. She is a beautiful person and absolutely amazing!

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    My mom is 79 and I worry about her even going to the post office because there are just so many evil people in this world.

    I hope she heals and is back home by New Year's, and that her family makes a point of getting together with her "just because".

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    I hate those stupid door to door salespeople. My smallish town outright banned them. There have been so many rapes and murders connected to door to door sales. These loosers would have killed that woman, had they not been pulled over. I know my neighbors sometimes get frustrated with me. But I don't even go to the door, let along open it, if I'm not expecting someone. They know to call first or their outta luck! My kids were not even allowed to answer the door when they were little.

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    Bless her heart! My prayers for everyone touched by this violence.
    I do not intend to tiptoe through life only to arrive safely at death!

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    EL CAJON, Calif. -- A 20-year-old man was sentenced Monday to life in prison, and a co-defendant was handed a 10-year term, for the kidnapping, robbery and beating of a La Mesa senior citizen who confronted her primary attacker during the hearing.

    Jeffrey Nelson was convicted of attempted murder and torture, and previously pleaded guilty to kidnapping and other charges stemming from the December 2008 attack on Natalie "Sandy" Herbst-Vinge, who suffered a minor heart attack during her ordeal.

    Because of the way sentences are calculated, he'll serve nine years in prison before beginning his two consecutive life terms.

    Luis Lomeli Osborne, a 19-year-old who pleaded guilty to willful cruelty to an elder and second-degree robbery, received a sentence of 10 years and four months.

    Earlier article http://www.10news.com/news/21771045/detail.html says charges were dropped against the girl involved in this.

    'At the conclusion of the preliminary hearing, Judge Lantz Lewis dismissed attempted murder and torture charges against the two young men and threw out all charges against a third defendant, Antoinette Baker.'

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    Oh Captain, My Captain
    I hope they all get some semblance of justice. What a tough woman.
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