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    Plane Disappears in Carribean under Mysterious Circumstances

    There are many conflicting reports about the plane which sent a distress signal around 3:30pm today, 35 minutes after taking off. The head of Dominican Aviation Services has the plane registered under one title but it has been traced to a company which has it registered under a different name. The owner of that company said the plane was for sale and was unaware it was gone. He is reporting it stolen. The flight plan the pilot filed has the plane landing in the Bahamas but no plane has shown up. Dominican aviation officials believed the plane was to land in Turks and Cacos and no plane has landed there either. So, from what I gather there is either some major mis-communication going on between agencies or someone did steal the plane, lied about where they were going - perhaps they were transporting drugs or something.
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    I heard about this on the news today. I hope they are found and survive - unless they are drug transporters. If they are transporting drugs, then let then go down and fend for themselves.
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