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    Facebook Post from Amy H Says Casey "took" Duct Tape found on Caylee's body from her


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- An online social networking site might hold clues in the case against Casey. It might help determine where the duct tape came from that was found on a child's remains located near the Anthony home.

    Eyewitness News made the discovery Wednesday as search crews spent another day sifting through dirt and knocking down tree branches. Eyewitness News learned of the duct tape details from somebody who contacted the station through WFTV.com.
    An Ontario woman, who has been tracking the Casey Anthony case on WFTV.com, emailed Eyewitness News what she says is Casey's Facebook page with a message about duct tape. She insists it's an authentic page she found and printed in July.

    One specific posting in late May, from who appears to be Casey's former best friend Amy Huizenga, reads, "You lost my duct tape. I was excited to have so much left. That's why (sic) I get for giving you my purse."

    The date it appeared to be posted, May 26, was around the same time as a "no clothes party" Casey attended. She had wrapped herself in a flag and, according to her, nothing else.

    Eyewitness News passed the Facebook information along to law enforcement and they are investigating the possibility that the duct tape mentioned is somehow connected to the case.

    Investigators found duct tape on the mouth of the child's skull found less than a half-mile from the Anthony home. Investigators have been very tight-lipped about what they took from the Anthony home shortly after the remains were found and what, if any, evidence it has yielded.
    From:"Phases of Grief By Cayseeomarie"
    1: Forge as many stolen checks as possible
    2: Buy Beer, Lingerie and more Beer
    3: Enter "Hot Bod" contest; for "investigative purposes"
    4: "Dirty Dance" with female friends
    5: Practice poking self in eye repeatedly to produce "tears"
    6: Alienate squirrel population of U.S.
    7. Have cheesy, happy Italian words tattooed on your body to properly accessorize "grief"
    8. Go directly to jail

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