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    Their culture may be changing

    China protesters: Stop 'cooking cats alive'
    Fury after newspaper says 10,000 felines are eaten daily in single province

    BEIJING - A southern Chinese province must stop the "shameful" and "cruel slaughter" of cats for food, a group of more than 40 animal lovers in Beijing said Thursday as they unfurled banners in a tearful protest.

    Thousands of cats across the country have been caught in the past week by traders and transported to Guangdong province to be killed for food, said the protesters gathered at the Guangdong government's office in Beijing.

    "We are very angry because the cats are being skinned and then cooked alive. We must make them correct this uncivilized behavior," said Wang Hongyao, who represented the group in submitting a letter to the Guangdong office.

    Read on: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/28292558/

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    I didn't know they were cooked alive as well, as if eating them wasn't bad enough.
    When my mother visited China, they were staying a few days in a small village, and they were served something in a restaurant she didn't know what it was. But she ate it anyway

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