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    Quote Originally Posted by Cubby View Post
    I'm not sure this has been asked, but often we hear an old song that we haven't heard in years, or decades which bring back memories.

    I thought about this last night listening to Dick Biondi's friday night request show. Dick Biondi has been on the air since the very early 1960's, is in the radio hall of fame, was the second DJ in the US to play the beatles over the airwaves, and has dj'd in many cities across the country. (from Buffalo to LA)

    He show airs M-F 7-11pm CST. His friday night request show plays many pre British invasion songs from the early 50's on.

    I wonder if Mr. Kyle might be interested in listening and perhaps a song might jar something.. if not, still great music!

    I can't link ( Have I mentioned I HATE MY COMPUTER?)

    94.7 true oldies out of Chicago, top left side of home page by what looks like the letters from the old Coca Cola letters one can click to listen online.

    I'd be so greatful to anyone who could post the link.


    Dick Biondi was kicked off of WLS in Chicago for telling a dirty Knock Knock Joke in the 1960's. Benjaman never heard it when it was told on the air but he heard people repeat it. It does not seem so dirty now but I am not going to type it here.

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    Welcome Benjaman! Nice to 'see' you on WS.
    God has a plan to help bring justice to the world -- and his plan is us.
    Gary Haugen
    Source: Founder, International

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    South Louisiana

    To NB and Benjaman!

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    Quote Originally Posted by carolwood View Post
    Copied from discussion board-

    I am wondering if Ben heard of Metamora, Indiana? Beautiful at Christmas time, the whole town is a shopping center. You ride the train through town. Gift Shops and Candy shops everywhere. If I remember correctly, they do this for two weeks during December. I lived in Harrison, OH/ West Harrison, IN, from 2001-2002. I wish I would still be there, beautiful rolling hills, quite small towns, the nicest people. My favorite place to eat was at a small cafe called Zaraco's in West Harrison. Had the best milk gravy and biscuits. Any of this familiar?
    I never heard of Metamora.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boyz_Mum View Post
    Do you remember traveling the Berthoud Pass? Maybe the Ute Pass? Buffalo Bill's grave? Red Rock Park? Any recall of Argo Gold Mine Mill? Are there any memories of shopping at a King Soopers Grocery Store?

    Any memories of Arvada, Centenial, Vail, Empire,
    I never heard of Centennial un til I saw it on a map Post 2004
    Arvada -Denver suburb
    Vail -Ski town ,rich-I do not ski.
    Empire Colorado is sometimes known as the Empire State
    Breckenridge or Silverthorne?-Ski towns I do not ski!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cubby View Post
    I'm hearing ya Carolwood, but I am from Chicago and my recollection of grits, goes back to highway vacation driving and stopping for eats at Howard Johnsons and Days Inn enroute from Chi town to Disney.. when I was a tiny tot before I knew of bell bottoms and have funny pictures of myself in halter tops and my first memory of sandals...

    IMO, an old baseball players name would mean more than food. Only so many remember ball players, games, positions... games.... Kind of in a Brooklyn Dodgers kind of way...
    I like grits. the only place to get them in Denver is Waffle House
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    Quote Originally Posted by dreamweaver View Post
    Did you get your medical records from the Dr Phil show?
    If so, was there anything different about when you were found that you did not know?
    Dr. Phil gave us all the Medical records- there was nothing that I had already been told

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    Quote Originally Posted by carolwood View Post
    I was wondering if Ben has the small pox vaccination scar on the arm? Mine is on the left arm and still very visiable. Some people did not scar from this, some people have very faint scars, and most people did scar, wondering about Ben.
    The US was among the first in the world to start the vaccinations in 1950 and ended in 1979, except for certain Military. Thanks!
    No Smallpox scars

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    Quote Originally Posted by dreamweaver View Post
    Soda, pop or coke?
    Koolaid popsicles?
    Movie candy: Flicks or Dots?
    Breakfast: eggs, biscuits and gravy& bacon
    or Kellog's cornflakes?
    Ben Franklin store popcorn or candy?
    Grilled cheese sandwich or toasted cheese sandwich?
    Fried doughnuts or crullers?
    Sunday dinner or lunch?
    Sunday dinner: Fried chicken, mashed potatoes & gravy, green beans and chocolate cake
    Roast beef, potatoes, onions and carrots in with the roast beef, salad,
    beets and apple pie?
    Supper or dinner?
    Tomatoes with salt or tomatoes with sugar?
    Fresh asparagus in the orchard or store bought asparagus?
    Vanilla milkshake or vanilla malt?
    Fresh lemon coke or vanilla coke or cherry coke?
    Artic Circle hamburgers or A & W hamburgers?
    Pancakes or hot cakes?
    Karo syrup or maple syrup?
    Grilled Cheese
    It is just "doughnuts"
    I do not remember Sunday dinner
    It is supper
    Why would anyone ever put sugar on Tomatoes?
    Out of a can
    It is a milkshake- unless you are from Rhode Island where it is a "Cabinet"
    Vanilla Coke
    A&W - there is(was) a Arctic Circle in Lakewood on Simms a few blocks north of Colfax
    Neither- I do not like syrup on pancakes

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    Hello, Benjaman~ Great to see you on WS!

    I know you are tired of endless questions. Thanks for taking the time to answer them here.

    There was a question about the surgical pin having numbers before. Was this ever addressed?
    Last edited by SeriouslySearching; 07-26-2009 at 07:45 PM.

    A quote spray painted on the wall by search
    and rescue workers, Team 5, at the OKC Bombing site 4-19-1995.

    What I post are my opinions only.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cubby View Post
    Copied from the general discussion thread.

    Does Mr. Kyle have any memories of smaller cities or towns? By smaller, I mean anything not as large as Denver or Indianapolis.... maybe the "Clarksville's" of the world?

    He mentioned basketball games in Denver, does he have any memories that can tie a specific event to a specific time/location. I'm thinking along the lines of Michael Jordan playing with the flu and scoring X points.... or maybe an opening day event for the Rockies.... or some promotional give away at a sporting event.

    Does he have any memories of the names of childhood friends? Classmates from HS? Maybe a bully who picked on him-or someone he bullied? A favorite teacher-or a teacher he couldn't stand? A childhood crush? A school team name and/or mascot? A DJ he used to listen to on the radio. The call letters of his favorite radio station?

    There maybe something small, that he feels is insignificant but very researchable to narrow an area and a time and expand from there
    I do not care fot sports if I had to watch the games my preference would be, in order Baseball, Basketball,Football,NASCAR

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    Quote Originally Posted by dreamweaver View Post
    Do you remember if you went to college?
    If you do, was it in Indiana?
    Or Colorado?

    Do you remember your high school graduation?
    If so, do you remember the color cap and gown
    you wore?

    Do you remember your first job?
    no and no

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    Quote Originally Posted by carolwood View Post
    In different parts of this beautiful country we live in, we eat different foods. What foods does Benjamam prefer to eat?
    Rice or Potatoes
    tomato gravy or white gravy or brown gravy
    Steak or seafood
    grits or hash browns or biscuits with or without gravy
    The reason I am asking this, my husband is from Ms. and I, from La.
    My preferred foods: steak and brown gravy on rice
    My hubby preferred food: steak and potato with butter
    southern people love grits, up north alot of places don't have it and probably don't know what it is.
    My husband would prefer to eat tomato gravy with his biscuits
    I would prefer bacon with the biscuit, and white sausage gravy.
    My hubby is not big on seafood. Well I'm a cajun, I am sure you know what I like.
    How would he spell the word crawfish? crayfish?
    Prefer salmon, trout or catfish, bass, tilapia, tuna?
    Likes lobster? or shrimp?
    I grew up on rabbit, seafood, beef and pork.
    My husband, deer, turkey, beef and pork.
    Some people I know from up north, eat lots of deer and elk.
    What are your food eating habits. Does Ben like homemade soups and if so, what would he like in these soups?
    Gumbo, no tomatoes in mine, but friends I know from Ca. like tomatoes in there gumbo.
    He may not even know what Gumbo is, but if he does what would he like in it?
    Something to think about. Maybe Ben can give us some feed back, may help to weed down even further, the states.

    Never heard of tomato gravy
    All Three
    I do not like meat in my biscuits-biscuits are for butter and jelly(Jam)
    Salmon,and Shrimp
    Roast Turkey
    Tomatoes, Shrimp,File, Brown rice

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    Quote Originally Posted by RhythmicSun View Post
    I think it would be helpful to know what cravings or addictions Benjaman has (i.e., coffee, Pepsi, peanut butter, certain brands of fast food, etc.)
    Coffee & Oatmeal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roselvr View Post
    Coffee or Tea?
    What does he like for breakfast?
    Does he eat lunch?

    On the east coast we have a product called Entenmann's - has he ever had one? for some reason my image isn't hotlinking, I have the photo here Entenmann's raspberry danish twist

    We also have Taylor Ham aka pork roll, people fry this up and throw it on a hard roll with cheese, some times an egg.
    Coffee-Tea is only good with ice.

    Oatmeal and eggs for breakfast
    Entenmann's started out in San Francisco when they expanded nationwide a lot of route drivers made a lot of money because it was such a big hit. Baked goods(Sweets) is the best way to ingest surgar. Entenmann's is good!!!!

    I never heard of Taylor Ham,but I have heard of pork roll-never ate just read of it somewhere
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