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    What can we ask the police?

    Does anyone know what kinds of information and materials can typically be released to the family regarding a 42-year-old unsolved murder case?

    Has anyone had any success with a "Freedom of Information Act" request?

    Is it possible to obtain things like:

    1. Crime scene photos
    2. Witness statements
    3. Coroner reports
    4. Lie Detector test results
    5. Internal memoranda

    ...anything else I'm not aware of that we can obtain?

    Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!

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    I believe a FOIA request was made in the Maricopa County Jane Doe/ Tawni Lee Mazzone case and police reports were received as well as crime scene photos. In the Tara Grinstead case, Fire report documents were received.

    Unless there is an ongoing investigation, most everything should be released to you. I would get going before the archive is destroyed or lost...good luck!
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