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    Michael Helgoth Criminal Record

    This is the person that the Ramsey Spin Team is accusing of JonBenet's murder. This charge is for a restraining order but not against Michael, but for Michael. He is the plaintiff in this case. He has no criminal charges.

    The Ramsey Spin Team has, again and again, used the fact that JOHN and PATSY RAMSEY could NOT have killed their daughter because there was no history. Yet, they are quite ready to throw Michael Helgoth under the bus as a murderer and Michael Helgoth has NO criminal history. The person they are using to libel this dead person is John Kenady, who as you are aware is nothing more than a two-bit con artist, probably close to a habitual offender.

    Ramseys and Wood, stop slandering a dead person. All three of you know who killed JonBenet and it ain't Michael Helgoth.

    Register of Action
    Status: CLSD,PROG County Court, Boulder County
    Case Num: 1995C 003038 Div/Room: 10 Type: Restraining Order Domestic Abu
    Case File Date: 07/19/1995 Case Close Date: 07/26/1995
    E-Filed: Appealed: N

    Judge or Magistrate
    Name DAVID ANTHONY ARCHULETA Bar Number: 18693

    Party Name Birthdate Gender Race
    Defendant 1 VASQUEZ, CHRIS 08/05/1968 F W
    Plaintiff 1 HELGOTH, MICHAEL L 07/09/1970 M W

    Scheduled Events
    Date Time Event Description Room
    07/19/1995 02:00 AM Temporary Restraining Ord Hrg 10
    Judicial Officer: THOMAS JEFFERSON REED
    Status: HELD-Hearing Held

    07/26/1995 09:00 AM Permanent Restraining Ord Hrg 10
    Judicial Officer: THOMAS JEFFERSON REED
    Status: HELD-Hearing Held

    Event Date Code Event Description
    07/19/1995 CTRO Complaint-TRO Domestic Abuse
    07/19/1995 TROG Temp Restraining Ord-Granted
    07/25/1995 RS Return of Service
    07/26/1995 CLAD Case Closed
    07/26/1996 TROV Temp Restraining Order Vacated
    07/26/1995 PROG Perm Restraining Order Granted

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    In reading the NE 'fairytale' yesterday I sat dumbfounded. It stated facts??, then counter changed 'the facts' in the next sentences following.

    Easy deal blame the murder on a suicide victim, they had already done that early in the case, same fellow.

    Perhaps they should consider blaming the person the restraining order was placed on, obvious that 'he' wrote the note and planted the 'wrong' stun gun, and the hi tec boots next to pore old Helgoth.

    I still cast one vote for the JAR impersonator in MICHIGAN, trying to work a deal with a police informant to rig an accident with JAR and JBR in the SAME BOAT, being rammed by a BIGGER BOAT. I think this is the biggest clue they could ever have had, and the attorneys waved it all off by saying JAR was not in MICHIGAN AT THE TIME of the indecent proposal.

    I would have been wondering about WHO was impersonating MY son, particularly after MY daughter was murdered. Hmmm.

    Hope the voters are smarter in MICHIGAN, and listen carefully and vote carefully.
    Opinions expressed by me, are mine, based on life experience, and known facts of any given case.

    """I am just a pixel in the universal plan."""

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    Is Chris a male or female? Looks like Helgoth was taking out a restraining order for "domestic violence" against Chris Vasquez.

    Helgoth afraid of Vasquez?

    Camper, you know I so agree - who was the "impersonator" in Michigan and who was seen walking up to the Ramsey home that day...da da da dum.
    IMO -

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    Defendant 1 VASQUEZ, CHRIS 08/05/1968 F W

    Chris is female.

    Males are not the only abusers out there; females abuse as well.

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