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    Oh Captain, My Captain

    This will teach you to talk during my movie...

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    I can't stand it when people talk during movies.

    But man, I'm not going to hurt someone over it. Good grief.

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    Sep 2008
    South Carolina
    Yeah I have wanted to kick a few talkers before but, shoot them!

    During the 90's my big ole lesbian co-worker and I went to see a horror movie. A guy sat behind us the whole time going, "Oh she's going to be killed next!" "He's behind the barn!" "He's going to have his head cut off now!"

    She turned around halfway through and demanded our ticket money back. He gave it to her and we played a few arcade games and re-watched the movie. I was jaw dropped for 1/2 hour.

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    Down here in Georgia, it's kinda rare to get someone talking through the movie. If it happens, they tend to be yankees without manners.

    Glad this didn't happen to me cause I wouldv'e shot back.

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    MD 'burbs of Washington DC
    Ever taken a kid/your kids to see a popular kid related movie, to only have to listen to other kids (that had obviously seen the movie over and over) in the theater reciting the movie almost word-for-word before something was said? Yeah... fun...

    GMan: in Augusta there once was a dollar theater at Daniel Village... come Saturday night, if an action movie or horror movie was playing, you were guaranteed back row commentary for the movie. LoL Usually it was like the last 2 or 3 rows, a whole group would just get way into the movie, and start talking to the screen. It was almost always an annoyance... especially at the late hour showing... but every now and then, the backrow commentary would be better than the movie (especially with bad movies.) LoL (rest assured, it was the locals doing it... )