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    OH - Youngstown, Female 4UFOH, 25-35, in sleeping bag, Aug'08 - Anita Smith

    Youngstown Police are once again asking the public to help them identify the body of woman found last summer.


    Sketch on link...
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    The article in the link says she was found 16th August, DN says 21st.

    Unidentified Black Female

    * The victim was discovered on August 21, 2008 in Youngstown, Mahoning County, Ohio
    * Estimated Date of Death: 3 days or more prior

    Vital Statistics

    * Estimated age: 25-35 years old
    * Approximate Height and Weight: 5'3-5'4"; 92 lbs.
    * Distinguishing Characteristics: Short, brown curly hair, and of normal amount, distribution and texture; brown eyes. 7 inch midline scar on lower abdomen starting at navel and descending. Possible cesarean section. No tattoos.
    * Clothing: No clothing or other identifying articles were discovered with the remains.
    * Dentals: Significant gap between front two incisors.
    * Fingerprints: Available.

    Case History
    The victim was located outside of a residence in Youngstown, Ohio on August 21, 2008. Found wrapped in a red and black nylon sleeping bag. She was spotted by the trash hauler after he rolled a large garbage can to his truck and dumped its contents onto the vehicle’s lifter around 6:40 a.m. Aug. 21. The can the woman had been in was one of several alongside an apartment building in the 800 block of Michigan Avenue on the North Side.
    Police saw no visible signs of violence on the body, but call the death suspicious.
    This victim may have frequented the Downtown area or the The North Side of Youngstown.

    lists some ruleouts

    Edna Bland 1966 Maryland
    Tonetta Carlisle 1973 Tennessee
    Wanda Dawson-Rogers-Campbell 1971 Maryland
    Roxann Ellison 1970 Arizona
    Christine Green 1969 Pennsylvania
    Kawana Holmes 1974 Florida
    JUANE JOHNSON 1974 New Jersey
    Phyllis Rome 1971 Mississippi
    Benita Spears 1966 Indiana

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    Her rule out list has grown a lot since February. She hasn't been forgotten.

    The following people have been ruled out as being this decedent:
    First Name Last Name Year Of Birth State LKA
    Danielle Alexander 1985 Texas
    Angela Allen 1951 New York
    Lakeisha Archie 1980 Ohio
    Katrina Ashford 1953 California
    Samatha Baremore 1979 North Carolina
    Jennifer Barton 1955 Texas
    Tyesha Bell 1980 Illinois
    Monica Bennett 1973 Georgia
    Edna Bland 1966 Maryland
    Monica Bowie 1973 Georgia
    Laronda Bronson 1964 Oregon
    Regina Brown 1951 Connecticut
    Devin Brown-Bousetta 1980 Pennsylvania
    Tonetta Carlisle 1973 Tennessee
    Kimberly Carter 1965 Missouri
    Amysena Chappell 1986 California
    Tonya Clemmons 1957 Washington
    Melissa Collins 1973 Ohio
    Ernestine Covington 1953 Pennsylvania
    Dymashal Cullins 1971 Georgia
    Lesa Cunningham 1963 California
    Wanda Dawson-Rogers-Campbell 1971 Maryland
    Roxann Ellison 1970 Arizona
    Porschette Evans 1981 District of Columbia
    Shelayah Gonzalez 1984 New York
    Shameeka Gordon 1983 New York
    DeShanna Gray 1971 Louisiana
    Christine Green 1969 Pennsylvania
    Ali Grimsley-Gilmore 1976 Florida
    LATOYA GRISSOM 1982 Texas
    Olynthia Harper 1960 New York
    Fonya Harris 1972 California
    Sharon Hart-Wills 1962 South Carolina
    Stephanie Hartwell 1976 Mississippi
    Artdrunetta Hobbs 1983 Georgia
    Diane Hollins 1947 Florida
    Tammy Hollins 1965 Florida
    Kawana Holmes 1974 Florida
    Shelia Hughes 1971 Alabama
    JUANE JOHNSON 1974 New Jersey
    Trina Johnson 1981 Maryland
    Sharon Jones 1968 Virginia
    Tomiene Jones 1982 New Jersey
    Fairlyn Jordan 1983 Louisiana
    Merkedes Jordan 1985 Mississippi
    Sabah Karriem-Conner 1983 Georgia
    Jeannette Lamb 1970 Arizona
    KAREN LAROCHE 1976 Connecticut
    Risha Lewis 1979 Delaware
    Aubrina Mack 1985 Alabama
    Asia Martin 1985 Mississippi
    Elissa Martin 1970 Florida
    Ivy Matory 1965 California
    Violet Matory 1967 California
    Marilyn McCown 1973 Indiana
    Christina Monteiro 1968 Massachusetts
    Edwina Onyango 1973 Pennsylvania
    Sandra Powell 1970 Indiana
    Veda Powers 1953 Tennessee
    Virginia Rambus 1965 Washington
    Kathleen Robinson 1961 Louisiana
    Phyllis Rome 1971 Mississippi
    Benita Spears 1966 Indiana
    Sandra Steppuhn 1950 California
    Sherrie Stout 1969 New Jersey
    Alice Sullivan 1966 Tennessee
    Angela Terry 1976 North Carolina
    Patricia Tigner 1946 Illinois
    Angie Tucker 1972 Oklahoma
    Katesia Weathers 1980 Arkansas
    Aletha Williams 1976 Utah
    Joy Winters 1972 North Carolina

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    with all those rule-outs, it makes you wonder who she is that she's not popping up in the databases.

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    ID finally made for woman's remains found in Youngstown in 2008


    Published: Wed, March 7, 2012 @ 5:28 p.m

    Police identified the victim as Anita D. Smith, who was 44 at the time of death. She had been visiting the area from Georgia.

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    Wow..estimated age was 25-35. She was 44, just goes to show to never limit yourself to the age range when trying to match.

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    Was Anita's MP case known to us?

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    Where is Jennifer Kesse? Abducted Jan. 24th, 2006

    Youtube Video I Made...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Irish_Eyes View Post
    Was Anita's MP case known to us?

    While I do not know the answer to that question, she was not reported missing until 2010 according to a article in a local media outlet.


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    Quote Originally Posted by distracted 1976 View Post
    Wow..estimated age was 25-35. She was 44, just goes to show to never limit yourself to the age range when trying to match.
    or when they are reported missing - it may be several years after the body has turned up.

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