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    OH - Marion Co., 'Luther' WhtMale 851UMOH, 22-40, in Flat Run Creek, Jul'89

    THe reconstruction isnt that great but what do you all think about these 2


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    Ted and Casey 2 of a kind

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    What research has been done on Jack? Would he have a reason to go to Ohio? What were the exact circumstances of his disappearance.

    He left in white shoes...UID found in black. And the UID was in a flannel and sweater, in July. That is odd to me.

    The stats could certianly line up, I did side by side. The UID is listed as 1 inch taller and the age is a bit off, but those are off by very little, very common w/UID.

    DNA is pending on UID... does Jack have DNA in CODIS?

    Does Jack have dentals, that is quick and easy compare, UID does have dentals on file if webpage link is accurate.

    I would contact agency of both and see what info you can get from each side, explain you may have a possible match and you'd like to compare and also work on comparing with other cases...see what they will tell you. You can ask about dentals and DNA, fractures, scars, ect. ect. anything that can help us rule in or out on both cases.

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    UID has partial mitochondrial DNA profile only, according to Namus.
    Dentals include a few fillings, mostly in the molars.

    Jack Hamons has no Namus page.

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    His mental disabilities could account for the time interval of his disappearance to the discovery of these remains. I think its very possible he could have wandered off. The reconstruction doesn't exactly match Oded Gordon's features from what I can see, but I wander if it is still a possibility?

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    I think that there is a mistake in the available information on where he was found. From looking here, on Doe, at Atty General's site, etc. They all say in Flat Rock Creek near 309. Further the AG's site says in Caledonia and very near the Marion/Morrow County borders. Google Maps identifies the creek in that location as Flat Run Creek, which is what Namus says, and that seems to be correct. It seems to be east of Caledonia proper, near where 64 comes into 309 from the North. Marion is known for the Marion Correctional facility. Mt. Gilead is just to the south, and there's a pretty big truck stop near there.

    I'm guessing he's not too local or he would have been ID'd right away. I'm guessing also that he didn't get there on his own? His attire doesn't make sense for a June day in Ohio, and I checked the weather in June 1989 just to be sure. The late nights got quite cool on some evenings - low fifties, so that would make sense if he went out at night. Why does he have nothing with him (unless that is being held back.) No wallet or house keys or anything?

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    New reconstruction, clearer clothing and location information released.

    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Daily Mail:

    Do you know this man? Police release new facial reconstruction of man
    found dead in a creek in 1989 in the hope of solving the murder case

    • Authorities hope forensic artist's model will lead to a break in the cold case
    • The man's body was found in a creek in July 1989, up to six weeks after he died
    • Officials believe the man was homeless, murdered and thrown off a bridge
    The story and pictures at link above.

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