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    Can a Law Professional explain Attorney Client Privilege and it's limits

    With the speculation about what Mark NeJame may have learned that compelled him to cease representing the Anthonys, I am wondering the following:

    If he learned that Caylee was dead and thrown in those woods, would he have been legally obligated to disclose this or would it fall under attorney client privilege?

    If he knew that the Anthonys were aware that Caylee was dead would he have been obligated to report this?

    I know there is a fine line between following the letter of the law and not impeding an investigation versus having a protected A/C relationship.

    A few more questions:

    Is there some kind of motion that can be filed for a judgement that would supercede A/C privilege if an attorney felt strongly that they needed to report something learned from a client?

    What happens to an attorney who breaks A/C privilege? Is it black and white or is there a gray area that allows an ethical law professional to do the right thing?

    I would also like to know how A/C privilege works for Private Investigators. I had no idea there was any privilege granted in this kind of relationship but reading what I have about this supposed PI Casey videotape, I wonder what possible charges this person could be facing if he really did know that Caylee's body was in those woods and went so far as to videotape the area with the intent of creating (false)reasonable doubt or hindering the discovery of the remains.

    I'm more interested in facts than I am in speculation or opinion, thus my request that someone who really understands the laws of privilege replies to this.


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    ok until an attorney ventures onto this thread - How can Attorney Client Privilege apply to MN and the A's and Caylee's body? MN hears the A's say the body is down the street. I don't think that applies unless they said "we killed her and put her body down the street".
    ...the humble opinion of Jo Schmo...0 number of Days Jury Deliberated for Caylee

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    I am going to shut this down because, as far as I know, we have not arranged for any attorneys to answer questions for us. We do not know who is or isn't an attorney.
    So, if any attorney would like to answer questions as a professional, then they must talk to Tricia and be authenticated so that we can confirm they are in fact an attorney.
    No poster should ask another poster for any information that would reveal their identity. Having their credentials authenticated by Tricia is totally voluntary if they want to answer questions as a professional.

    We had an attorney answer questions for us during the Laci trial and it was very helpful. Perhaps we can arrange for something like that again.

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