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    AL - Katherine Foster, 18, USA student, murdered, Mobile, 21 Feb 1980

    Moved to Cold Cases from LTWH for discussion, case originally started by: Angel Who Cares
    Katherine Foster 28 year old murder case solved

    Police Believe They Have Solved a 28 Year Old Cold Case Murder:
    On that February day in 1981, the students on USA's campus were mystified. What had happened to 18 year old freshman Kathrine Foster?

    28 years Later, Retired Mobile Police Detective Recalls Investigation of College Student's Murder
    A lot has changed on the campus of the University of South Alabama in the 28 years since Kathrine Foster was murdered.
    There's nothing on campus to remind students of the horrible event.
    But for those who searched for her body in 19-80, and those who investigated the case -- the memory of the crime is impossible to erase.

    Woman Arrested in 28-Year Old Cold Case Murder
    On Friday, a Mississippi woman was arrested and charged with Foster's murder. Jamie Letson was taken into custody in Jackson, Mississippi.
    Police say that Letson and Foster knew each other in college.

    Archive Footage: 28-Year-Old Murder Case Solved

    $500,000 Bail For Suspect in 28 Year old Murder
    A woman arrested in Jackson, Mississippi is being held on $500,000 bail in the murder of a University of South Alabama student 28 years ago.
    Mobile Police arrested Jamie Letson for the murder of 18 year old Katherine Foster.
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    From June 2010:


    More than 30 years after Katherine Foster went missing from the University of South Alabama, her college acquaintance Jamie Kellam Letson was ordered to spend life in prison for the young woman's slaying.

    Letson, 49, was found guilty in May of luring Foster into the woods near their dormitories at the west Mobile campus and shooting her twice on Feb. 21, 1980. Foster's body was found 2 days later by a college search party...

    Investigators reopened the case after learning about a letter in which Letson confessed to the killing as part of her recovery in Alcoholics Anonymous... Prosecutors said Letson was envious of Foster's longtime boyfriend and wanted her out of the way.

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