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    Bugs ?

    Are there a few bugs ?
    There are a lot of duplicate posts and errors coming up saying you can post again until so many seconds but the original post didn't go through
    The margins are back to normal now

    also getting a black screen with a rectangle box saying thank you your post has been posted redirecting you now etc

    Some posts are duplicating 3 or 4 times and others are missing and not posting

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    Me too Jane...

    I just sent a PM about it:

    I have been experiencing the same problem and I am see the duplicate posts on other threads as well. When I post something nothing happens, then I get a message saying "allow 30 seconds between posts". So, I go look at the thread and nothing, no post. I figured it was some kind of glitch so I tried to post again, same thing happens. Eventually (about 5-10 minutes later) the post shows up. I actually ended up with 5 duplicate posts the first time it happened.

    So, apparently the posts are hanging somewhere and taking a really long time to finally show up.

    I think I will drop adnoid a note about it....

    The key is patience, something I do not have alot of LOL.

    ETA: If you need to delete duplicate messages:

    First click on "edit" then click on "delete" then change the clickable button to "delete message" then click on "delete this message".

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    The Mods have mentioned in several different threads that there are bugs that are still being worked out...

    “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.” Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sr.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MagicRose99 View Post
    The Mods have mentioned in several different threads that there are bugs that are still being worked out...
    Thank you MagicRose99 Yes I did see those when the forum first changed over.
    I Thought that they had been fixed and therefore I was just posting if these were new bugs

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    When your post does not post, just wait. do not try to repost it over and over. They are being queued up and will post ion a bit. But when you continually try to repost they will all show up when the forum rights itself. It is a glitch that there is a delay in posting and we are working on that. but in the meantime, if your post doesn't post, don't try to repost it.

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