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    Boy expelled for throwing pie in school contest

    LAKESIDE, Ohio An honor student who won a school contest to throw a pie in his principal's face has been expelled until winter and might face criminal charges.

    Don and Tina Molnar are appealing their 15-year-old son's 80-day expulsion from Lakeside Danbury High School, a few blocks from Lake Erie in Ottawa County. Neither his parents nor authorities would release his name.

    "This whole thing is totally wrong," Don Molnar said Thursday.

    The principal's assault complaint has been referred to prosecutors, Danbury Township Police Chief Mike Meisler said.

    "It wasn't just a toss," he said. "He smashed the pie in her face."

    Molnar said he doesn't know if the expulsion means his son will fail the second semester after making the honor roll with a 3.43 grade point average in the first semester.

    "My son's education is at stake," he said.

    Superintendent Martin Fanning, Principal Karen Abbott and a school board member declined comment, citing confidentiality in student discipline. Messages were left at telephone listings for other board members.

    In a contest to benefit the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life, students could buy 50-cent chances to throw aluminum pie tins filled with whipped cream at teachers and Abbott in a school assembly April 30, Molnar and the chief said.

    Molnar's son won the drawing to throw a pie at the principal. The 5-foot-5-inch, 110-pound sophomore threw his pie and was walking to his seat when Abbott "grabbed" him, Molnar said.


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    My Gawd! What a poor sport. If she allowed it, she has no right to do anything about it. Period.
    "Abbott told officers her head snapped back". With an ALUMINUM pie pan and WHIPPED CREAM? Try smashing someone's face in with that. It rolls off their nose. (Unless, of course, he was holding it with both hands)

    Just the facts, Ma'am.

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    Hi ghostwheel, I agree the Principal is taking this a step too far.

    Even if her head did snap back - I would think it was an accident on the boys part, he was just excited to get to hit his principal with a pie ~ what kid wouldn't be? maybe he used too much strength but I don't think he would even dream that cream pies hurt.

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    I can see now why they'd like to hit their principle in the face with a pie. I bet that raffle was the biggest money maker. What a mean ***-*****.

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