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    Question Yours views on summarization/abridgement of threads, NG show and other

    On the NG thread last night or this morning someone suggested that the NG thread be summarized or consolidated, that someone take this on as a project, in order to reduce repetition. Or that just one person be assigned to put a synopsis of the program on the thread. There was even a suggestion that maybe other threads could also benefit from this.

    I would like to suggest strongly that this NOT happen, simply because one person's take on what was important in any program or document is very different from another person's, synopses inevitably reflect the viewpoint of their author.

    In the case of the daily programs like the NG show, maybe there could be one thread for synopses only, no discussion allowed. Within a few posts, the basic events will have been covered, but if anyone sees something missing they can simply add it. Then a separate thread for discussion. If this is convenient and feasible for the mods.

    I have read summaries/paraphrasings/synopses of interviews and documents on this forum, which people provided in order to be helpful of course, and which can be helpful in a pinch, but which left out details that I thought were quite important. Synopses are inevitably colored by the author's viewpoint. That's obviously why its so important to read original documents.

    I would have a real problem with threads being abridged, condensed, summarized, or paraphrased for this reason, or for that matter, closed and told not to reopen unless it's a matter of TOS or exact duplication, because this reflects one person's point of view and interpretation of the case, which topics are important or necessary, which are not, etc.

    (I think the question of summarization/abridgement etc is especially important on other threads, more so than the NG or GVS threads, but since it was raised today on the NG thread I was curious what the rest of you think. Do you want anyone summarizing what you said, or condensing or removing your posts or threads, unless they violate TOS?)

    Some people on the NG thread just now were saying they definitely would never want to see the thread condensed/abridged/summarized etc,
    don't want to see any voices suppressed, they like to see all viewpoints coming out, they like the spontaneity of the discussion, whether there is some repetition, etc. Others were saying yes, please assign someone to just put what is important into a summary. Unfortunately the thread reached its end just as this topic arose. So I thought I would put the question here and I would like to know your views on this. I hope this thread isn't redundant, if so my apologies, please delete and thanks mods!

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    I have to agree that to condense/abridge/summarize will have the view point of the author and pertinent info may be overlooked. What one person may be curious about another could find the point invalid.

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    The following is how it SHOULD work, but it is very hard to get 1000+ people on board LOL:

    the NG thread should be reporting what is seen on the show with very little chit chat. Some is fine, but constant banter back and forth makes it very difficult to follow the show notes. We have given time outs, made casual threads, posted warnings,etc., but we still cannot get people to curb their OT and chit chat posting.

    It is a big problem. Then the mods spend an hour editing out OT comments and then we get nasty pm's about why did you remove my comment and complaints about being censored. Those complaints are followed by complaints from other posters who are upset at all the OT chit chat on the board and why do we let it go on.

    oy vey.

    IN a perfect world the show notes are posted without a lot of chit chat and if there is a topic of the show is worth discussion, a new thread can be started OR an old one that is already discussing that topic should be bumped.
    The idea is to have a thread with a report of what is discussed and then threads to talk about topics. this keeps us from having prarallel discussion on several threads. It also leaves the NG show as sort of a reference to be referred to in the future. I think we will lock them after the show is over from now on and that will force the conversation out of the thread. The problem with locking is that they cannot be bumped in the future. That's why I hate to lock any thread.
    Most important to remember:
    The threads are what you all as posters make them.

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