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    Man driving mower on street gets DUI charge

    Police in Fairview Heights arrested a man this week for riding his lawn mower on a residential street while under the influence of alcohol as he cradled his toddler daughter in his lap, authorities said Thursday.

    Paul Schwarztrauber Jr., 46, of the 200 block of Orlando Court, has been charged with felony DUI and driving while his license was revoked, said Fairview Heights police Lt. David Fellows. He was being held at the St. Clair County Jail in lieu of $50,000 bail.

    Fellows said police were called to Judy Lane and Palmetti Street about 8 p.m. Monday by a neighbor who told police that Schwarztrauber was riding his mower in the street. The intersection is around the corner from Schwarztrauber's house, police said.

    After a battery of sobriety tests, "we found him to be intoxicated," Fellows said. He added that officers were alarmed that Schwarztrauber was riding with his 14-month-old daughter on his lap.

    Full sotry here

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    Don't the police have anything better to do? Is there a law in that town that forbids riding a mower on a street?
    This is my opinion, and change is good.

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    He was drunk! holding a baby!!!

    Would you say that if the baby fell ?? Or if they were hit by a car???

    Its not like he was riding the mower in the middle of nowhere,on private property..........he was on public property in a populated area with impaired judgement(due to drink) and he was putting his infant at risk .
    Sounds to me like the Police WERE doing their job.The guy is a drunk,dangerous(his license was suspended)idiot and he was endargering others................how can you have a problem with that???

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    Agreed MC!!!!
    OMG! If that were my child the police would be the least of dad's problems.
    Can you imagine??
    He had better hope he is safely behind bars....Because that is about the only place he would be safe if that had been my 14 month old.

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