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    NY - Barbara Mamor, 51, Staten Island, 29 June 2004

    I could not find Barbara listed on any missing persons site except for NYPD under Staten Island. Please see her poster at link below. Thanks.


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    Capoly I did a white pages search and only 6 numbers popped up for the surname Mamor.

    I then did a people search and only one Barbara Mamor popped up age: 71, all the other variations of that particular name were not even close to Mamor. From what I saw, it looked like it was a misspelling of the surname of Barbara Maher. So that B.M in NV age 71 isn't the one we are looking for.

    No myspace. No facebook, no other social networking sites.

    Then I did a google search of the name Barbara Mamor and one page popped up with that name. It is here : http://www.newt.com/wohler/events/20...n/brinton.html

    It is pictures of a man with young children on a day trip it looks like...There are no pictures of a woman named Barbara Mamor however this did catch my eye...

    From the site:

    "I spent a couple of days at the Brinton Estates in Washington Depot, Connecticut. There I relaxed, ate, did some electrical work, went to the movies, ate, and went on a hike. What follows are pictures from that hike. Barbara (Mamor) was also on the hike, but it appears she was trying hard not to be seen."
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