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    MYTH: Admin and Moderators read every single post in the forum.

    This is impossible. We need your help in alerting posts that are in violation. if we agree we will delete or edit. if we do not agree it will remain untouched. but no harm no foul in reporting.

    Fact:Mods and Admin do not read every thread or every post.

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    Reminder that this is a no discussion thread. If you challenge a myth bust then leave me a message as to why on my profile page.

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    Caylee was not fathered by Lee


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    Quote Originally Posted by Linda7NJ View Post

    From doc...
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    There was no book found at the remains site per the documents released Feb. 18, 2009.

    The yellow item in previous crime scene photos that was presumed to be Caylee's book was a yellow KinderCare advertisement sign. Picture of sign posted here:


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    B Conway was not retained by the A's on the night of the remains find. Brad Conway became the A's lawyer on the evening of Dec. 9th, 2008, 2 days before Caylee's remains were discovered on December 11th. Per Brad Conway in his press statement given on December 15th:

    http://www.wftv.com/video/18283663/index.html Time mark: 18:30

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    There were 3 bags. 2 black plastic garbage bags with yellow ties that were double bagged and put inside the canvas laundry bag.

    Confirmed - page 3377

    "When it all goes down the crapper, don't come crying to me. You were warned" - ecs5298, November 6, 2012

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    MYTH: Cindy claimed to be a 'nurse of decomposition'.

    What Cindy actually said was, "I've smelled that odor before (I am a nurse) of decomposion."


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    Myth: KC visited missing person's websites prior to Caylee missing

    Detailed exposition of why this is not true here on the Computer Forensics thread.

    Net: These were visits by Lee on July 16 as he assembled the "cayleeismissing" myspace page.

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    Tony did not use a shovel to break the shed lock to get gas. He used a tire iron.

    Page 45:


    "The shed with the gasoline was locked, so he used a tire iron to pry the lock open."

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    Myth: KC called Gentiva on the 16th, and many more times that week.

    Even LE was running with that myth for months. In the latest document dump we see on several pages, including page 4300 (July 30, 2008):

    Yet later we see on January 22 that page 4208 is updated:

    The latter is consistent with the ATT records.

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    Dr. Lee did not find "17 more hairs" that OCSO did not find, as stated by JB during the sanction motion hearing on March 12, 2009.

    HotDogs reviewed the previously released case docs after the hearing and educated us with this post from this thread: https://www.websleuths.com/forums/sho...79#post3449479

    Quote Originally Posted by Hot Dogs View Post
    The docs can be maddening to follow and try to understand. It looks like both OCSO and Lee missed hairs that were later found. It may have been Lee's visit that caused OCSO to re-examine things in which they found hairs that both of them had possibly overlooked.

    Back in August, OCSO found 7 hairs on various liners and covers that are part of the trunk furnishings (this is not the "white bag" trash). Then Lee shows up in November, looks at the "white bag trash", looks at the liners and covers from the trunk, and finds a hair in the trunk itself. The liners and covers had already been removed from the trunk, so when Lee looked in - the trunk was already stripped of all this stuff.

    While Lee was there, three hairs were found amongst the trash. It says that "we" found this evidence.

    About 1.5 hours after Lee leaves, OCSO begins checking stuff again. They find 14 more hairs on various trash, liners and covers.

    It seems that Lee found one hair, and his visit prompted the finding of 17 more.
    Lots of great discussion about the 17 hairs on the same thread - pages 30-34.
    Last edited by ThoughtElf; 03-13-2009 at 09:22 PM.

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    Per Anon call to Melich April 6, 2009 doc dump...

    Caylee was seen by ANON caller to be with her Grandma Cindy on June 13th while Casey was at Fusion.
    Last edited by JBean; 04-06-2009 at 08:05 PM. Reason: stang fact that an anon caller reported seeing Cindy. No discussion on this thread please
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    Myth: It's been reported GA & CA sold Caylee videos for $225,000.

    FACT: It has been reported that JB recieved 225,000.00 (from ABC), possibly on KC's behalf, for videos of Caylee.

    There is a rumor going around, often stated as known fact, that George and Cindy sold videos of their granddaughter Caylee for $225, 000.00. This is incorrect. What has actually been reported (but has not been proven) is that JB received this money from ABC, possibly on behalf of KC, for videos of Caylee.

    It was reported by private investigator, JH, during his taped deposition in the ZFG defamation suit. He calls the information “hearsay” which he received from DC. An excerpt from the deposition below shows the conversation between JH and JM and what was actually said:

    (excerpt from pp. 70 – 71 0f rough draft of deposition given by James Hoover to John Morgan on 3/25/2009 in the civil suit by Zenaida Gonzales against Casey Anthony)

    9 Q In the course of your time spent here as a
    10 public citizen volunteering, did you ever come to
    11 understand that ABC news had given the Anthonys or José
    12 Baez money?
    13 A I didn't know that to be a fact, no, sir.
    14 Q Have you heard that?
    15 A I heard -- I had heard that -- oh, that money
    16 was given to the Anthonys, no, no, sir.
    17 Q To anyone?
    18 A Uhm, I had heard that money had been given to
    19 the attorney for some individual -- I don't know if it
    20 was given to the attorney or to Casey for some videos
    21 that was on ABC news.
    22 Q José Baez received money?
    23 A Yes, sir, I think so. I heard that. I don't
    24 know for sure.
    25 Q Hearsay?
    Rough Draft - 71
    1 A Yes, sir.
    2 Q Was it 200,000 dollars? Was that number you
    3 heard?
    4 A 200 or 225. I heard both numbers.
    5 Q Was paid to José Baez by ABC News?
    6 A Yes, sir.
    7 Q And what was your understanding that that
    8 money was paid for?
    9 A Some videotapes that were released.
    10 Q Okay.
    11 A Again, hearsay.
    12 Q Of course. Who told you that?
    13 A Dominic Casey.
    14 Q Pretty good hearsay?
    15 A Pretty good, you would think.
    "When we are born we cry that we are come
    To this great stage of fools."
    Will Shakespeare

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    There seems to be quite a common perception that the term 'homicide' = murder. That's not the case, so I thought I'd post some explanatory info. here:

    Homicide - definition

    The killing of one human being by the act or omission of another. The term applies to all such killings, whether criminal or not. Homicide is considered noncriminal in a number of situations, including deaths as the result of war and putting someone to death by the valid sentence of a court. Killing may also be legally justified or excused, as it is in cases of self-defense or when someone is killed by another person who is attempting to prevent a violent felony. Criminal homicide occurs when a person purposely, knowingly, recklessly or negligently causes the death of another. Murder and manslaughter are both examples of criminal homicide.

    So, if someone causes the death of another through a reckless or negligent act or omission, that is also homicide. E.g, if I decided to start up a new business offering some sort of outdoor pursuit type activity, abseiling on a specially constructed structure perhaps, but knowingly or recklessly failed to ensure that all the installations met the relevant safety standards, or failed to properly monitor the safety of the participants, and someone died as a result, that would be manslaughter. I would not have murdered that person, but I would still be guilty of homicide.

    See also the following link for all the crimes that are included under the category of homicide in the Florida statutes:

    Oh what a tangled web we weave,
    when we set out to deceive!

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