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    Casey's IM's with Iassen

    Just looking through sticky's and found this. I searched for a thread but could not find one.


    This is a snippet dated July 13th. If this does not seal the deal that her ZFG was crap what does? She says she loves her and is trustworthy? Also, she says she pays ZFG a lot of money? Wow. Floored. I wonder what would have happened had CA not forced her hand.

    ID So what do you do when you work? with the kid that is
    KC: I have a nanny. i love her
    ID Nice. how much do they charge?
    KC: We've been friends for over 6 years. definitely someone i trust.
    KC (11:30AM ) It just depends. i pay her a lot more than most nanys make. its worth it though.
    ID: Yeah, i understand. where does tone live?
    KC (11.31AM) She's a friend. between myself and one of my coworkers, its her main source of income.....he's off of university. really close to full sail.
    ID Oh, ok

    Even when ID changes the subject to Tony she goes on about the nanny. It also contradicts that the Nanny was rich. Remeber she bought Caylee duplicates of everything?

    Then her talk about TL shows me that she was scared of losing him. Her biggest fear when her kid is missing/kidnapped is losing Tone?

    KC But one, i'm in a r/ship with someone who is a yr younger than me, isnt sure what he wants, and most likely wont be living here this time next year. so much uncertainty
    ID Oh . i made the same mistake too. i wanted something from somebody who wasnt prepared to give it to me. took me a while to realize it.
    KC 11.50AM Yeah thats my biggest fear right now

    Definitely is uncertainty now KC!!!

    This is the most ironic one of them all..

    KC (4.01pm) Its a powerful thing, to hold someone elses heart in your hand

    She held Caylees heart in her hand. Maybe that is most truthful thing she every said. Other than "I'm a spiteful B*tch"

    What if the hokey-pokey is what it is all about?

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