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    Question Body Decomposition

    Please forgive me if this has already been discussed. Those of us following this case in my office have repeatedly talked about the total decomposition of Caylee's body. I've search around but did not find any previous postings regarding how quickly it seems that little Caylee's body was so totally decomposed so that only bones were left. Is this the normal progression-for a body to so badly decompose after a relatively "short" period of time-5/6 months? Would the weather/temps be solely responsible for such decompostion or could it be due to something else? Several people in our office have raised the idea that perhaps the body was doused with some chemical that sped up the process in order to delay identification of the corpse.

    What say ye?

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    you might want to search the forensic threads and I think there are some charts and graphs regarding decomp in the 2.6 days thread.

    go to : search this forum
    go advanced
    titles only
    show results as threads
    type in the keywords for 4 separate searches;
    2. forensics
    3. decomp
    4. decomposition

    let me know if that is what you are looking for.

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