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    Question American Girl Doll - Kit

    Personally... I think the American Girl dolls are atrociously overpriced and just plain unattractive compared to the Goetz line of dolls the same size. And of course the Goetz dolls are more affordable as a general rule. But the doll named Kit in the American Girl line is much wanted by my youngest daughter. And I have to admit the doll does resemble her quite a bit... which is why she wants it. Of course somebody had to show her a picture of the doll and point out to her the resemblance, and now she MUST have this doll. Her birthday isn't until September. I've been checking e Bay every once in awhile. So far no luck with a full size "Kit" in decent shape and reasonable price (below 60 dollars used... I think 60 for used doll is outrageous but the new ones are like $85.00 ).

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    Good luck on your doll hunt....My sister bought herself a Boo Doll, from Monsters Inc., cuz when she was a toddler she looked exactly like Boo....kinda funny.

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