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    The neighbors

    Please move or remove if mods don't want this here.

    After viewing the photos and web cam at the anthony home last night.
    I certainly feel so sorry for the neighbors.
    Imagine the neighborhood was (I suppose) a lovely, quiet, fun place to live. Now the neighbors have a beloved child murdered, she was found down the street, a growing memorial for CAYLEE, and now more LE cars than they ever imagined at all times of day or night. News crews and lights everywhere. Now children have to be told why this is happening, the school buses pass the sad sight daily. A friend GA just tried suicide, kc in jail for murder, CA wasting away, some neighbors might become witnesses of this family. Sight seers driving buy taking pix. Their lives have been forever changed also.

    I just felt compelled to feel for the neighborhood, I know this would disturb me so much if I lived there. IMO

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    Agreed. More victims of KC.

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    These are some of the things I think about when KC goes on and on about herself. She is definately the only one who exists in her universe. I think about the folks who had to spend all those days on there hands and knees (sifting) for Caylee as the other little children were going to school. That neighbor with the shovel has got to be horrified. And for the neighborhood to know now, that that baby girl lay in there back yards all that time, how do you deal with that? What a mind job. For EVERYONE! I am getting madder and madder, time to stop typing now.

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    We have not heard a peep from the neighbors about complaints.Heck if it was neighbor he would be calling the cops every night complaining about something.

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    I wonder how they feel about BC's constant press conferences from the A's yard, walking GVS up and down the street etc. I don't know why BC keeps inviting the press to the A house for press conferences. He should be doing it in his office, not only would he look more professional and less personally involved, but it would obviously also be more respectful to the neighbors.

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