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    OK - Jeffrey Cornell for soliciting child sex online, Miami, 2008

    A man from Joplin, Mo, was sentenced to close to twelve years in federal prison yesterday (01-29-08) for traveling across state lines in an attempt to have sex with a toddler.

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    Now we are talking-federal time is hard time, I believe. In MA we just had a guy ADMIT to raping a 7 year old for 8 months and he received 4-6 years...it is insane.

    It should be a federal crime to begin with-I realize that the fact that he was crossing state lines changed the jurisdiction.
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    That is one of the sickest things in the world. I hope he gets served with some jail house justice.
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    Evil spawn from Hell. Only 12 years? He should have been given 12 years for his sick interest in each child. And another life without parole for travelling to the motel to actually engage in acts so vile. I cannot believe some people. GOD have mercy on our children. May he watch over them every one.

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    He will get his own in jail. Mark my words. He'll pay.

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    Only 12 years?? The thing is when he gets out what ya wanna bet he will be back at it again?? Baby molesters should be locked up forever!!!!!!!!!!!
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    This sentence is a joke in my opinion he should serve LIFE, and NEVER be able to hurt an innocent child. DISGUSTING

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