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    Headsup: Google Issues

    Egads, I've driven myself NUTS this morning thinking my mac was failing me: Google is trying to implement new security stuff and most of the morning any search done in Google keeps giving back sites with the caption "may harm your computer" under the links... from there you can't get to the pages you searched for. Of course, most people are taking it personally and thinking that they have spyware/worm/virus issues and such. So... in my research, I found that it is Google's issue, not the users issue. So, if you do a google search today, don't freak out like I did and think it's your computer problem... it's Google doing crap without warning users, first.





    Added: yay, Google must have stopped the testing... all things are back to normal. For now... but still, keep this in mind if it happens to you. They may try to test things again.

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    Thanks for the heads up Elphaba. Late last night I noticed a problem accessing news archives. Said the service wasn't available. I just gave up and went to bed
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    I had a problem this morning but apparently it's fixed now.

    Every time I tried to search with google I got warnings on every hit and couldn't access any site that turned up in a google search. Had to use other search engines, that's all. But it did startle me!

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    Thank you. I was having a problem this morning and did think it was my computer.

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    Lol, this was a much needed heads up!! My husband was having issues this morning and I was having no problems. This of course sent him into freak out mode, being the techie he is. He had to take our dh to a play date but I will let him know a WSer figured it out.......hehehe
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