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    DC - Mary Pinchot Meyer, 43, Washington DC, 12 Oct 1964

    I am a bit behind on my Smithsonian magazine issues, so I finally came across this article in the December 2008 issue. I thought that this was a very interesting read. One of several reasons I *heart* Smithsonian magazine.

    I didn't see this case listed on this site and to be honest had never heard of it until I read it in the magazine.


    On a perfect October day in 1964, Mary Pinchot Meyer—mistress of John Kennedy, friend of Jackie Kennedy and ex-wife of a top CIA man, Cord Meyer—was murdered in the rarefied Washington precinct of Georgetown.

    It was half past noon. I was a cub reporter on the Washington Star. In the classically scruffy pressroom at police headquarters, I heard the radio dispatcher direct Cruisers 25 and 26 (which I recognized as homicide squad cars) to the C&O Canal. I alerted the city desk, drove to Georgetown, ran to the wall overlooking the canal and saw a body curled up in a ball on the towpath. Two men who had been changing a tire nearby told me they had heard a shot...a cry for help...a second shot...and had called the police.

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    Fascinating article about an exceptional woman but Morrow doesn't offer a clear theory as to who shot her and why. If it's Crump it would have been a heck of a coincidence that a victim chosen at random because she was white turned out to be a member of the blue-blooded Pennsylvania Pinchots, wife of a high-level spook and former lover of a President to boot.

    I don't think it's Crump, I believe he just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Based on the description of the scene by witnesses it sounds like a pro hit but not the mob type, more like a sanctioned hit. Considering her past there is no lack of suspects among government agencies, and no big surprise no one ever got charged. My fist suspicion would be that it had to do with her husband's activities.

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    ITA KarlK. Although the article was more of a portrait of the woman than an investigation of her death, I was still able to surmise Crump was just a fall guy. I don't buy the race relations murder angle AT ALL. It looks like a hit, and with powerful people behind it no one will bother to investigate.

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    I hope this isn't against tos, but I thought this was interesting. This is from 'Hardcover Mysteries", which was on A&E a few years ago.

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